November 30, 2015
AiDD and iAR to collaborate on transforming academic research into new drug discovery initiatives for arthritis care
The Alpine Institute for Drug Discovery (AiDD) and the Institute for Arthritis Research (iAR) announced today an agreement to identify and develop innovative drug candidates for the treatment of arthritic conditions.
iAR and AiDD will operate according to a risk- and benefit-sharing principle on a project-by-project basis. Scientists from each organization will form an interdisciplinary team for the project advancement. Revenues received from commercialization will be shared with collaborating institutions and academic inventors.
In a first project, AiDD and iAR scientists will work together to develop an orally available drug candidate for treating arthritic patients with unmet clinical needs.
Over the last decade, the therapeutic armamentarium for treatment of arthritic conditions has enriched with the introduction of several biologics. However, a significant number of arthritic patients do not respond to biologic therapies and thus are still in need of efficacious treatments. AiDD and iAR scientists will use an innovative approach to identify drug candidates with a differentiated mechanism of action based on allosteric modulation.
“iAR intends to foster collaborations and combine all necessary expertise to fulfilll its mission of turning research into therapeutics for arthritis care. This alliance with AiDD precisely illustrates this intention” stated Pr. Cem Gabay, head of iAR.
“Both organizations share the same passion for discovery and the same objective to serve patients and the community. We are eager to start working as a team on this new exciting project” says Dr. Galibert of AiDD.
About iAR
iAR is a tax-exempted association founded in 2009 by four leading research institutions in Switzerland and located at the University of Lausanne. iAR’s aim is to turn research into clinical application for arthritis care. The opportunity to include basic research groups as well as laboratories linked to clinical departments is a major strength of iAR that provides the possibility to translate fundamental laboratory discoveries into clinical applications.
The overall objectives are to support fundamental research in arthritis in a national framework with the possibility to develop translational research with an impact into the clinic; and valorization of the fundamental research results by bringing preventive measures, diagnostic and therapy products to the clinic for the patient’s benefit.
For more information about iAR: see iAR