February 3, 2016
Fondation Eclosion strengthens an AiDD/UNIGE biotechnology company creation initiative to develop novel treatments in inflammation
Fondation Eclosion - a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to translate life-science innovation developed within our region’s academic Institutions and by entrepreneurs into high potential startup companies, creating economic value and jobs - announced today that it has added its support to a company creation initiative jointly led by the University of Geneva and the Alpine Institute for Drug Discovery (AiDD).
This initiative is centered on an innovative drug discovery program to identify novel drug candidates using allosteric modulation of cell surface receptors to treat inflammation and autoimmune diseases. The consortium is led by Professor Cem Gabay, Head of the Division of Rheumatology, Department of Internal Medicine Specialties, University of Geneva. AiDD will contribute to the industrial maturation of the assets that will serve as the creation of the future local company.
“This initiative brings together scientific excellence, solid industrial know-how and entrepreneurial acumen to yield a well-differentiated product in today’s therapeutic landscape” declared Prof. Gabay.
“Beyond the economic support for its development, Fondation Eclosion’s endorsement rewards efforts to promote a productive public-private interface in the Geneva Canton and illustrates how local actors can productively interact contributing to industrial innovation” commented Raluca Flükiger at UNITEC, the University of Geneva technology transfer office.
“This initiative illustrates the capacity of our region to mobilize forces in translating scientific excellence as developed in our academic institutions into a highly innovative startup company having the potential to offer new therapeutic solutions for patients, with the potential to create value and long-term jobs in the Geneva canton” said Christophe Guichard at Fondation Eclosion.
We are thankful for the Fondation Eclosion’s support and proud to be part of this project that demonstrates the great complementarity of our local biotech entrepreneurial ecosystem”, commented Dr. Luc Otten at AiDD.

About the Fondation Eclosion
The Fondation Eclosion is a life-science driven, not-for-profit organisation supported by the State of Geneva. The Eclosion mission is to assist researchers from Academic Institutions and seasoned life science professionals in translating their discoveries into high potential start-ups companies, developing innovative solutions for patients. Since inception in 2004, the Fondation has contributed to the development of more than 20 start-ups companies in a large range of therapeutic areas (including autoimmune diseases, inflammation, oncology, pulmonary, and fibrotic diseases), and also start-ups companies dedicated to providing services for the pharma industry. More than 100 highly qualified jobs have been created in the start-ups companies supported by the Fondation Eclosion.
Further information can be found at www.eclosion.com