March 4, 2016
Alpine Institute for Drug Discovery and University of Geneva awarded Swiss CTI grant to discover a novel anti-inflammatory drug
Alpine Institute for Drug Discovery (AiDD) - an enterprise aiming at creating shared value for the community and commercializing academic discoveries with therapeutic potential – and University of Geneva have received a CHF194’000 grant from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) to develop an orally available anti-inflammatory agent based on an hitherto unexploited mode of action. AiDD will collaborate with the group of Prof. Leonardo Scapozza of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (EPGL) at the University of Geneva. The project will combine AIDD’s early drug discovery assay design and screening capabilities with Prof Scapozza’s pharmaceutical chemistry and biochemistry expertise.
"Orally available, broadly applicable and safe anti-inflammatory drugs based on novel mechanism of action have been much awaited in a field dominated by biologics" noted Prof. Scapozza. "This collaboration with AiDD represents an exciting opportunity to create novel and affordable therapeutic agents that will help fulfilling an important unmet medical need”.
“Through this collaboration with Professor Scapozza’s laboratory, a highly regarded center of excellence in pharmaceutical sciences, we are creating a fertile interface between academic creativity and industrial innovation in Geneva” commented Dr. Thibaut De Smedt, of AiDD.
“This collaboration and CTI grant represent another example of how, by applying an asset-centric approach in a collaborative set-up, AiDD contributes to the emergence of a vivid local biotech ecosystem” commented Dr. Laurent Galibert, of AiDD.

About the CTI
The Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) is the Swiss Confederation innovation promotion agency supporting R&D projects, entrepreneurship and the development of start-up companies in Switzerland.
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