Intellectual property

Creating, managing and exploiting high value intellectual property (IP) portfolios around each of our projects are a crucial part of AIDD’s business. Although there is freedom to operate on the technologies that we use the required know-how is not trivial. Together with key partners, we have deep hands-on experience and proven track records in successfully leveraging each of the technologies in our platform. Tailored combinations of these technologies will enable the generation of intellectual property covering new molecular entities (NMEs). NMEs are generally the centerpiece of licensing partnerships between drug discovery groups and the pharmaceutical companies that will complete development, perform manufacturing and undertake marketing. While AIDD will seek to retain exclusive rights to exploit intellectual property created with its academic partners, it will equitably share with its partners ownership of the joint IP and benefits derived from the joint IP. 

AIDD will work with partners, starting as early in the process as target identification/validation and ending during lead optimization (e.g. preclinical development). AIDD's business model is to out-license joint IP to pharmaceutical companies or spin it out into startup companies together with investors during lead optimization.