AIDD’s initial therapeutic focus is immunotherapeutics for oncology and autoimmune/inflammatory diseases.

Currently, AIDD and its academic partners are seeking funding to initiate carefully selected projects on undisclosed targets.

AIDD founders have track records in translating novel biology into both small molecule and antibody drug-candidates, as well as in managing and licensing related intellectual property. The AIDD team has expertise in target selection, project management and allosteric modulator discovery and development.

AIDD is differentiated by its technology platform's ability to leverage – for the first time – both functional and biophysical screening approaches for detection of novel drug-candidates. Its multi-dimensional approach may allow AIDD to address two of the key bottlenecks in drug discovery: 1) previously intractable therapeutic targets may become amenable to drug discovery; 2) medicinal chemistry will be informed by both functional and structural data, maximizing chance of success. 

AIDD has established relationships with leading research institutions in Switzerland and France and expects to initiate the majority of its projects via public private partnerships, making AIDD sponsored projects highly capital efficient. To attract new dialogues around exciting targets, AIDD makes its consultants and technology suite available to assist academic partners with target identification, characterization and validation efforts. Through collaborations bridging academia and industry, AIDD aims to be a partner of choice for academics pursuing translational therapeutic discovery and a stable, trusted provider of high-quality pre-medicines (i.e. lead compounds) for pharmaceutical partners and venture investors.