The Alpine Institute for Drug Discovery is a Switzerland-based company aiming at creating shared value for the community by maintaining industrial know-how in today’s changing pharmaceutical landscape.

AiDD’s mission is to maximise the socio-economical impact of academic discoveries by performing translational drug discovery with academic researchers, technology transfer offices and local incubators to create innovative products in the pharmaceutical sector. AiDD founders are committed to making AiDD an enterprise that works in the interest of patients and society as a whole.

AiDD has established relationships with leading research institutions and initiates projects via public-private partnerships. AiDD makes its experts and technology suite available to assist academic partners with target identification, characterisation and validation efforts. AiDD also manages drug discovery projects through hit-to-lead and lead optimisation phases. Through collaborations bridging academia and industry, AiDD aims at becoming a partner of choice for academics pursuing translational therapeutic discovery and a stable, trusted provider of high-quality pre-medicines for pharmaceutical partners and venture investors.

AiDD’s initial therapeutic focus is immunotherapeutics for oncology and autoimmune/inflammatory diseases.